Tuesday, August 3, 2010

An Introduction

I never wanted to move out to the country, away from all my friends, and the malls, and accessible public transit. But now that I've been here for ten years, I don't think I would be comfortable calling the city home. Yes I work in the city, yes it takes forever to drive down the highway and over two bridges, but when I get home it feels so nice to have my dogs great me as I pull into the drive way, to have the sun and wind dry my clothes and have fresh grown fruit and vegetables to eat or can.

There is also something to be said about the cathartic feeling of tossing an leftover apple core off the balcony and onto the compost pile. I'm just sayin' it's a great stress reliever, especially if you miss and hit the rabbit that has been eating your carrots. I can hear all your bleeding hearts breaking, it doesn't hurt it, but it will think twice before going into your grandmothers vegetable garden again.
But enough about my evil pleasures.

Home is the most relaxing place I know of. I don't need some exotic beach to get away, I walk into the fields in the back, lay down a blanket, tan, read, nap listen to music and when I'm good and ready I come back. Hanging my laundry isn't a chore, it's a chance to drop into mindless humming or singing to de-stress. When you go for a jog down the street you wave at each car that passes in a neighbourly fashion and they wave back, giving you a wide berth so they don't have even the slightest chance of hitting you. Or that everyone knows, if you pass by a horseback rider, to slow down and give them lots of room as to not spook the horse. It's that kindness you see everywhere.

But onto why I started the blog.

I'm going to learn to garden with my grandmother, and not just go into the garden and start eating the food like the rabbits I talked about earlier. I want to build my own, help with hers (since she keeps telling me that I will have to look after it when she's gone and that may be soon - her words not mine)
The reading will be broken and I may spend some time NOT talking about gardening, but it may have some relevance to something else, I can't predict what, only that I like to jump from subject to subject fairly quickly.

So sit back, enjoy and hopefully you'll be able to learn something.

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