Friday, August 20, 2010

Sunshine and Summertime

So Sunday I slapped on copious amounts of sunscreen and headed to the sun filled garden. After pulling weeds for about 15 minutes I soon realised I need a hat. Went inside to get one and didn't come out till the sun was hiding behind the trees at 7pm. It's just too hot to get anything done in the middle of the day.
When everything is that dry, it's a wonder anything gets done. The dust kicks up and you inhale it while pulling weeds, you can't water because the sun will just evaporate what you sprinkle on, the flies come out in full force and the sun beats down of your face making it too warm to work.
After the sun had hidden itself, being outside was way more enjoyable. We soaked the garden, since everything was starting to look withered. (That's also a side effect of living on well water, you have a limited supply and people and animals need to be taken care of before flowers and vegetables.)
We pulled out the cabbage (Grandma is going to make cabbage rolls soon - and I can't wait) the garlic and the zucchini that was ready.
There are also some vegetables (some sort of squash) growing in our compost pile that I'm not 100% sure on what it is. It looks like the size and shape of Butternut squash, but its growing in the summer and is striped green not yellow/orange that they usually are.

So the different plants that I have planted, haven't started to show anything yet(as of Sunday the 15th) and I don't want to poke around for fear that I'll kill them.  Black thumbs run in the family- my grandmother was blessed with the talent.
I'm keeping an eye on them and my next task is to post some pictures on here.
More to come....


  1. Wow it sounds like you have a lot going on in your garden. Love to hear what kind of squash you have. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Good luck with your goal of learning to garden. Looking forward to more post from your adventures.